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Tesla Problems 2019 – You Should Know

tesla problems

There have been increasing numbers of Tesla problems in 2019 being reported that are raising concerns for Tesla owners. While Tesla reports that they have achieved the lowest probability of injury tested by NHTSA, new problems with Tesla cars, including problems with Tesla model 3, are being reported over time.

If you are one of the Tesla owners who is experiencing Tesla problems, you may have a Tesla lemon car on your hands. If that’s the case, our experienced lemon law attorneys can help solve your Tesla lemon issues. Contact our attorneys to see if you have a lemon case on your hands. Our case evaluations are free.

Problems With Tesla Model 3

While its launch was met with great satisfaction and road-test scores, the Tesla Model 3 has been lacking in reliability. Due to the number of Tesla problems that their members pointed out, Consumer Reports are no longer recommending the Model 3 electric sedan. According to Consumer Report’s survey, some of these issues include problems with their hardware and in-car electronics.

Touch Screen Freezes

Some have reported that their touch screens have acted out or stopped responding. Some of these behaviors include changes in settings without a person’s input. For example, the volume would be set to maximum or the map would be rescaled without touching.

Bloomberg’s Survey of Tesla Model 3

Bloomberg has conducted a survey of 5000 Tesla Model 3 owners that show statistics up until September 2019. Here are some of the more major issues and defects reported by the owners. Each of these points is from different owners:

Exterior Defects

  • Window not working properly – had a loose wire into the window regulator
  • Panel gap, sticky door handle, keyless entry malfunction, broken charge port door, fragile rear window glass, and front truck latch failure
  • Poor paint quality

Interior Defects

  • Driver and passenger seats rattling
  • Seatbelts not working properly

Electronics & Climate Defects

  • Media Control Unit (MCU) diagnosed as defective by Tesla
  • Control screen failing
  • USB ports not working

Drive System & Chassis Defects

  • Drive system failing on the road
  • Brake pressure system going out
  • Critical battery system failing on the second day of ownership

Tesla Memory Problems

Recently, many Tesla car owners have been reporting Tesla’s memory problems. The main issue with Tesla’s memory problems is that the vehicle’s flash memory is wearing or burning out, causing a variety of Tesla’s functions to cease working.

Tesla’s flash memory card, called the eMMC, logs in data that the vehicle’s computer writes. While the eMMC should last a considerable period of time before becoming unusable, it was not the case for Tesla vehicles. With Tesla cars, the computer was writing a tremendous amount of insignificant data onto the eMMC that it has reached its maximum capacity a lot sooner than intended.

This means that the memory card can no longer record additional data, meaning that it cannot process data that the computer’s functions send. Many of the functions will cease to work properly which may cause problems from a minor to a life-threatening level. For example, the window defrost and the charging ability may fail.

Getting Help For Your Tesla Problems

If your Tesla problems are making your Tesla perform less than its actual worth, get a lemon law attorney to take a look at your case. If you do have a potential lemon law case, your attorney can use the California lemon law to get you a refund or a replacement vehicle. Our lemon law lawyers help consumers who have purchased a lemon car without knowledge. Call us for a free case evaluation.

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