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Tesla Flash Memory Storage Problems

tesla memory problems

Many Teslas are reported to have Tesla memory problems which are causing many Teslas’ flash memory to burn out, rendering them useless and dangerous. When the flash memory burns out, it may cause other functions to cease working. One of these functions is the ability to charge the car.

This can be a troubling sign for people who have been driving Tesla cars. These problems with Tesla cars can cause unforeseen issues that drivers were not made aware of and can cost them a hefty sum of money.

How Did Tesla Memory Problems Occur?

Tesla cars use a flash memory card called the eMMC which logs in data that the vehicle’s computer uses. As long as the Tesla car doesn’t try to write unrealistic amounts of data, there should be no cause for worry. However, this is exactly what many of the Tesla vehicles are experiencing.

Normally, the flash storage should be able to handle a normal amount of data being logged. However, many Tesla vehicles are being worn out and made unusable due to the enormous amounts of data being recorded. Once the chip reaches its maximum capacity for storing data, it is no longer able to log additional data.

What Could Happen with the Tesla Memory Problems?

The Tesla memory problems can cause many functions of the Teslas to stop working. When these functions stop working, it may cause a slight inconvenience to a potentially dangerous situation.

When the eMMC stops working, the Tesla touchscreens fail to function. Many of the Tesla car’s functions are executed through the touchscreen. If the touchscreen stops working, it means that many of the vehicle’s functions stop working as well.

Some of the Tesla owners have reported that their vehicle’s defrost windows function and charging ability have stopped working. While the car is still drivable, it will no longer be drivable without the ability to charge. This renders the Tesla no longer a means of transportation.

Paying for Tesla Car Problems

When your Tesla experiences these Tesla memory problems, you will need to get the appropriate parts fixed or replaced. Some of these repairs might be costly, as some have reported a replacement for the Media Control Unit (MCU) costing them $1,800, and that’s without the labor costs.

What You Can Do If Your Tesla Has Memory Storage Problems

If you are experiencing Tesla memory problems, you may find a solution by contacting a lemon law attorney. Sometimes, vehicles under warranty that experience problems can be considered a lemon car. Under the lemon law, manufacturers are obligated to either buy back the lemon vehicle or offer a replacement vehicle.

Our lemon law attorneys will be able to tell you if the Tesla you have is qualified to be a lemon car under the Lemon Law. It only takes 5 minutes on the phone with our lemon attorneys to see if you have a lemon car.

The consultation is free so it costs you nothing to see if you have a case or not!

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