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Tesla Battery Problems – Qualification Under The Lemon Law

tesla battery problems

Tesla vehicles may be high-tech, but they are far from defect-free when it comes to having Tesla battery problems. This issue has become so severe, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it is investigating Tesla for spontaneous battery fire issues and possible defects of the Tesla batteries of the Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla battery problems have been a growing concern and have been addressed by Lemon Law Attorneys as a winning case. A lemon car is a vehicle, such as the Tesla Model S, that turns out to have many manufacturing issues that could not be fixed with multiple repair attempts. If these issues are affecting the safety, utility, and value of the vehicle then you might have a lemon case. If you have purchased a Tesla vehicle that has shown signs of these problems, our Lemon Law attorneys can help you get a replacement car or a lemon buyback.

Do Tesla Battery Problems Qualify Under The Lemon Law?

According to Tesla’s notice to consumers about Tesla lemon cars:

“California Civil Code Section 1793.2(d), if this vehicle does not conform to its applicable warranties, and Tesla has not repaired the vehicle after a reasonable number of repair attempts, you may be entitled to a replacement or refund under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, less an offset for the mileage accumulated before the first repair of the nonconformity.”

In short, you might qualify to have a Tesla lemon car if you own a Tesla Model S, Model X, or Model 3 with battery issues that have had multiple repair attempts or excessive days out of service trying to fix the battery. Since Tesla vehicles are fully electric, you may be inclined to have one battery issue in the span of the Tesla vehicle’s lifetime. Lemon law is on your side if you have Tesla battery problems or any problems that are deemed a lemon.

What Issues Can Arise With Tesla Batteries?

Tesla Batteries are the brain of the vehicle and if the tesla battery is defective, then the whole vehicle is defective. One known risk that has made many worrisome is the cause of fires of non-crash and crash Tesla cars. Some reports have shown Tesla vehicles catching on fire while parked with no one behind the wheel. Other times, Tesla fire starts when a crash occurs. 

Tesla has addressed these fires but has not yet found any issues with the battery packs to solve the issue. Yet, they have made several software updates for owners to update the vehicle and improve the vehicle’s longevity. It is still uncertain when the vehicle will be fully updated to not have these issues in the long run.

This is very strange for a vehicle to burst in flames, but not too strange for an electric car because it all leads back to the combustion process in the batteries. These Tesla battery fire problems are a huge red flag for a consumer, and this is just one way the batteries can lead to issues with the vehicle. 

Here is a list of battery problems that may arise from Tesla vehicles:

  • Tesla Battery Fires
  • Shorter Range in Cold Weather
  • Battery Renewal Cost
  • Short-circuited Cells
  • Battery Life

How To Get Help For Tesla Battery Problems

If you are experiencing Tesla battery problems or any other issue with your Tesla, please take your vehicle to the nearest Tesla dealer for checkup and repairs. If issues such as battery problems still remain, contact a lemon law attorney. Sometimes, vehicles under warranty that experience problems can be considered a lemon car. Under the lemon law, manufacturers are obligated to either buy back the lemon vehicle or offer a replacement vehicle.

Our lemon law attorneys will be able to tell you if the Tesla you have is qualified to be a lemon car under the Lemon Law. It only takes 5 minutes on the phone with our lemon attorneys to see if you have a lemon car.

The consultation is free so it costs you nothing to see if you have a case or not!

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