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Common Bentley Problems

Lemon Law for Bentley Bentley is one of the world’s most luxurious and premium cars. Bentley Motors, a famous British car manufacturer that sells luxury cars and SUVs has been owned by Volkswagen since 1998. Many may be unaware that the Volkswagen Group owns several car companies including Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bentley. The current Bentley models include the Continental GT, Bentayga, and the Flying Spur. Even though Bentley is widely considered to be a luxury vehicle with a reputation for excellence, Bentley’s sometimes display manufacturing defects that need attention.  Common complaints include suspension issues, power steering leaks, and electric...

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Common Alfa Romeo Problems

Alfa Romeo is known for its luxury design and sport. It has recently entered and made great success in the United States Market and coincides with FIAT dealerships as a luxury and sport option. The current lineup of vehicle models includes the Stelvio, the Giulia, and the 4C Spider. Alfa Romeo is manufactured by a premium Italian car company, the FCA Italy. The group produces a variety of vehicle brands that include Maserati and Ferrari, among others.  The car company has garnered a lot of attention but has also made headlines for issues with the vehicle that include suspension problems, electrical...

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Common Volvo Problems

The VOLVO Group produces a variety of luxury vehicle models.  The Swedish multinational manufacturing car company offers sedans, coupes, SUVs, and sport-utility vehicles that are known for luxury and safety. Although Volvos are considered to be a high safety vehicle by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, not all Volvos are perfectly made. Volvo recalls have been very common over the years for issues that include the fuel pump, steering, seats, navigation, and airbags. While the Volvo brand is known for luxury and safety, it's common to see recalls and lemon law reports. Lemon law attorneys may be able to...

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Common Lexus Problems

Lemon Law for Lexus When paying for a premium vehicle like the Lexus, you expect it to be nothing less than perfect, but some vehicles have been known to show issues that affect the safety and quality of the vehicle. The most common issues reported by owners of vehicles have been transmissions malfunctions, door malfunctions, and engine failure. These issues may go unfixed if the dealer is not cooperating to fix the problem when it's a manufacturer defect. Lemon law attorneys may be able to help if the dealer refuses to repair the vehicle. One of the most common complaints is dealing...

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Lawyers That Handle Lemon Law

Lawyers That Handle Lemon Law   The Consumer Action Law Group team consists of lawyers that handle lemon law that help consumers who have purchased a lemon car in California. Thousands of car buyers around the Los Angeles area end up purchasing a lemon car every year. While manufacturers strive to produce vehicles without problems, some defective cars slip through the cracks. In California, consumers are protected under the California Lemon Law if they have purchased a lemon car without realizing it.     The California Lemon Law Provides Protection For Consumers Who Purchased A Defective Car   In California, there are lemon laws (Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty...

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Common Infiniti Issues

Lemon Law for Infiniti Infiniti has been a popular automaker since 1989 and it is the same company that also manufactures Nissan vehicles. They are currently sold through authorized dealers in over 50 countries. In addition to being a luxury brand, they are also forward-thinking and eco-friendly, with a commitment to make only electric or hybrid vehicles by the year 2021. But like all the other luxury automakers out there - issues with Infiniti exist. Steering Rack Leakage Among Infiniti vehicles, we commonly see issues with steering rack leakage. This is a costly issue, almost always costing drivers $2000 to fix. You can...

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Lemon Law Attorney Providing Legal Assistance to Car Buyers

lemon law attorney in california

Consumer Action Law Group’s California lemon law attorney is now providing legal assistance for car buyers. The law firm has introduced its new service for helping out those consumers who have purchased a lemon car. Los Angeles, CA -- 01/10/2020 -- Consumer Action Law Group's lemon law attorney has recently launched its latest service of providing legal assistance for consumers. The law firm has brought forth this service to help out those consumers in California who have bought a lemon car. They will help the buyers whose vehicle is covered under the manufacturer's warranty and got a safety defect and cannot be fixed even...

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Tesla Flash Memory Storage Problems

tesla memory problems

Many Teslas are reported to have Tesla memory problems which are causing many Teslas’ flash memory to burn out, rendering them useless and dangerous. When the flash memory burns out, it may cause other functions to cease working. One of these functions is the ability to charge the car. This can be a troubling sign for people who have been driving Tesla cars. These problems with Tesla cars can cause unforeseen issues that drivers were not made aware of and can cost them a hefty sum of money. How Did Tesla Memory Problems Occur? Tesla cars use a flash memory card called the...

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