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Common Infiniti Issues

Lemon Law for Infiniti Infiniti has been a popular automaker since 1989 and it is the same company that also manufactures Nissan vehicles. They are currently sold through authorized dealers in over 50 countries. In addition to being a luxury brand, they are also forward-thinking and eco-friendly, with a commitment to make only electric or hybrid vehicles by the year 2021. But like all the other luxury automakers out there - issues with Infiniti exist. Steering Rack Leakage Among Infiniti vehicles, we commonly see issues with steering rack leakage. This is a costly issue, almost always costing drivers $2000 to fix. You can...

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How To Know If A Car Is A Lemon

When a purchased car has the same problem multiple times is considered a lemon car. So how to know if a car is a lemon 100%?  After countless hours and paperwork, you finally got the car you wanted from the dealer, soon after taken off the lot you run into unforeseen issues with the vehicle. For example, your car starts to show signs of a transmission issue, you take it to the dealer to repair, they attempt to fix it, but you find that your car still has the same issue. If your dealer attempted to repair your car 3 or...

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Common Issues with Mercedes Lemon

Mercedes is known and heralded for being a luxury German vehicle manufacturer, but as it stands, there are no manufacturers immune to the issue of creating a lemon car. Mercedes have issues that are commonly known across many of their vehicles. Something like aftermarket additions (see: window tinting) can affect the sensor detection, but often customers who have made no aftermarket changes to their vehicle still have an issue with the sensor, not only for locking and unlocking the vehicle but also with the keyless ignition. Your first step to resolution would be to visit the dealer and see if a simple...

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California Lemon Law

If you bought a lemon car, have vehicle problems that can’t be fixed, or just tired of taking your car back to the dealer again and again for the same problem, the California lemon law can help! We are California lemon law attorneys who bring Lemon Law claims against manufacturers and dealers to help buyers get out of their contracts and to get their money back. If you purchased a new or used vehicle that is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, and your vehicle has a problem that can’t be fixed, you may have a valid lemon law claim. You likely have...

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