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Common Issues with Mercedes Lemon

Mercedes is known and heralded for being a luxury German vehicle manufacturer, but as it stands, there are no manufacturers immune to the issue of creating a lemon car. Mercedes have issues that are commonly known across many of their vehicles.

Something like aftermarket additions (see: window tinting) can affect the sensor detection, but often customers who have made no aftermarket changes to their vehicle still have an issue with the sensor, not only for locking and unlocking the vehicle but also with the keyless ignition.

Your first step to resolution would be to visit the dealer and see if a simple reset on your FOB and car could resolve this issue. The second way to resolve this is to address the actual AM antenna or AM module, which can be handled by the dealer. This may or may not be covered under warranty. Another simple and easy to resolve possibility would be that you simply need a new battery. Fun fact: if you do end up switching the batteries out you will need to drive the car for a full half-hour before the FOB and car will be synced again.

If you are continuously experiencing an issue with your Mercedes, you must first attempt to resolve the issue with the dealer or manufacturer. If they fail to resolve the issue after multiple attempts, you should call a lemon law attorney to see if you might have a case.

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