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Latest Lemon Law Issues

Common Infiniti Issues

Lemon Law for Infiniti Infiniti has been a popular automaker since 1989 and it is the same company that also manufactures Nissan vehicles. They are currently sold through authorized dealers in over 50 countries. In addition to being a luxury brand, they are also forward-thinking and eco-friendly, with a commitment to make only electric or hybrid vehicles by the year 2021. But like all the other luxury automakers out there - issues with Infiniti exist. Steering Rack Leakage Among Infiniti vehicles, we commonly see issues with steering rack leakage. This is a costly issue, almost always costing drivers $2000 to fix. You can...

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Common BMW Problems

BMW Lemon Law The historic carmaker BMW, formally known as Bavarian Motor Works, was founded in 1916 and currently produces over 2 and half-million vehicles every year. They manufacture their vehicles across the world, despite being headquartered in Munich, including Mexico, the US, the UK, South Africa, India, China, and Brazil. And while the brand is heralded they are no stranger to lemon law issues and recalls. BMW Fire Risk One newly common occurrence in BMW’s is a widespread fire risk. Because of the universal nature of this problem, a BMW recall has been issued for both the 3 series and the x5...

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How to Know If a Car is a Lemon

Knowing when a car is a lemon can help you save a lot of headaches down the road. After countless hours and paperwork, you finally got the car you wanted from the dealer, and then you run into unforeseen issues with the vehicle. Your car starts to show signs of a transmission issue and the last thing you want to do is take your car to the dealer repeatedly for the same issue. Some vehicles come with pre-existing faults and may be a lemon car in California. If you think you have a lemon car, it is best to contact a...

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Common Land Rover Problems

Having Land Rover problems can mean that your Land Rover can be a lemon car. If you have a lemon car, the manufacturer must offer you either a lemon buyback or a replacement vehicle under the state lemon law (Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) and federal lemon law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). Even the more popular Land Rover models such as the Defender, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover Velar can be sold as a lemon car. Land Rover Discovery Air Suspension Problems Land Rover Discovery air suspension problems are causing inconvenience to consumers who own...

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Tesla Battery Problems – Qualification Under The Lemon Law

Tesla vehicles may be high-tech, but they are far from defect-free when it comes to having Tesla battery problems. This issue has become so severe, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it is investigating Tesla for spontaneous battery fire issues and possible defects of the Tesla batteries of the Model S and Model X vehicles. Tesla battery problems have been a growing concern and have been addressed by Lemon Law Attorneys as a winning case. A lemon car is a vehicle, such as the Tesla Model S, that turns out to have many manufacturing issues that could...

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Common Issues with Mercedes Lemon

Mercedes is known and heralded for being a luxury German vehicle manufacturer, but as it stands, there are no manufacturers immune to the issue of creating a lemon car. Mercedes have issues that are commonly known across many of their vehicles. Something like aftermarket additions (see: window tinting) can affect the sensor detection, but often customers who have made no aftermarket changes to their vehicle still have an issue with the sensor, not only for locking and unlocking the vehicle but also with the keyless ignition. Your first step to resolution would be to visit the dealer and see if a simple...

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Tesla Unintended Acceleration

  Tesla has often touted itself as the safest car on the market and even received the highest possible safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. However, a new claim by Tesla owners looks to shatter that safety record with reports of Tesla unintended acceleration. Tesla Cars Accelerate on Their Own Owners are alleging a common occurrence deemed Unintended Acceleration - the basic premise being without any touch from a user their car quickly speeds to a high MPH rate and many times the vehicles crash. These claims have resulted in an investigation by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Tesla...

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Lemon Lawyer in Los Angeles

lemon lawyer in Los Angeles

If you have a lemon car and want to fix the issue, call our lemon lawyer in Los Angeles. Our job is to help car buyers who have ended up purchasing a car without knowing it was a lemon. We have helped numerous clients who bought a lemon car and were able to get them a lemon buyback or a replacement car. It only takes 5 minutes on the phone with us to find out if you might have a lemon case. Call us at (818) 254-8413 today for a free case evaluation from lawyers that handle lemon law. When You Might...

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Lemon Law Attorney Providing Legal Assistance to Car Buyers

lemon law attorney in california

Consumer Action Law Group’s California lemon law attorney is now providing legal assistance for car buyers. The law firm has introduced its new service for helping out those consumers who have purchased a lemon car. Los Angeles, CA -- 01/10/2020 -- Consumer Action Law Group's lemon law attorney has recently launched its latest service of providing legal assistance for consumers. The law firm has brought forth this service to help out those consumers in California who have bought a lemon car. They will help the buyers whose vehicle is covered under the manufacturer's warranty and got a safety defect and cannot be fixed even...

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Tesla Problems 2019 – You Should Know

tesla problems

There have been increasing numbers of Tesla problems in 2019 being reported that are raising concerns for Tesla owners. While Tesla reports that they have achieved the lowest probability of injury tested by NHTSA, new problems with Tesla cars, including problems with Tesla model 3, are being reported over time. If you are one of the Tesla owners who is experiencing Tesla problems, you may have a Tesla lemon car on your hands. If that’s the case, our experienced lemon law attorneys can help solve your Tesla lemon issues. Contact our attorneys to see if you have a lemon case on...

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