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How To Know If A Car Is A Lemon

How to Know If a Car is a Lemon

When a purchased car has the same problem multiple times is considered a lemon car. So how to know if a car is a lemon 100%? 

After countless hours and paperwork, you finally got the car you wanted from the dealer, soon after taken off the lot you run into unforeseen issues with the vehicle. For example, your car starts to show signs of a transmission issue, you take it to the dealer to repair, they attempt to fix it, but you find that your car still has the same issue. If your dealer attempted to repair your car 3 or more times and the issue continues, your car may be a lemon.

If you think you have a lemon car, it is best to contact a lemon law lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your potential lemon law case as some cases are time-sensitive.

What is a Lemon in California?

Determining if your car is a lemon in California comes with a list of provisions. Each state has different provisions in the law that protect consumers over faulty vehicles sold by the dealer. In California, the lemon law is one of these provisions. 

The California Lemon Law (Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) helps protect consumers from faulty vehicle purchases from the dealer with cars that do not meet a regular or quality standard that it was intended to do so for driving. When you purchase a new Land Rover vehicle, for example, you should not be at the shop for an air suspension problem every other month. Ideally, a new vehicle should be problem-free, however, some vehicles fall through the cracks and become a lemon vehicle. A faulty issue may be considered a lemon vehicle if it passes the lemon law provisions and undergoes dealer repair.

The manufacturer of the vehicle has the right under the lemon law to provide sufficient repair attempts of the defective part of the vehicle. The lemon law process helps determine the number of repair attempts a manufacturer is able to provide before you escalate the case as a lemon car and receive compensation for damages. The lemon law is designed to provide consumer protection rights to people whose cars have experienced lemon issues.

How Do I Know If My Car is a Lemon?

Not many people know how to know if a car is a lemon. The lemon law covers all new, leased or used vehicles that are covered by the vehicle’s manufacturer warranty and are sold in California. To have your vehicle qualify as a lemon under the California Lemon Law, you will need to have one of the issues below:

  • The car has been in the shop for the same repair issue multiple times with accumulating more than 30 days of repair service
  • The vehicle has been attempted to be repaired for the same issue more than 3 times during the manufacturer warranty period
  • If the dealer refuses to repair the vehicle that was pre-existing
  • The dealer is telling you that your car’s issue is not covered under the warranty

It is recommended to get help from a lemon law attorney as soon as possible if you qualify under the above provisions. Some lemon law cases are very time-sensitive depending on the mileage, warranty, or how long you have had the vehicle and can be made invalid.

Our Experienced Lemon Law Attorney Can Enforce Your Rights

Now that you know how to know if a car is a lemon, getting help from lemon law attorneys is your next step if you think you have a lemon car. If you or someone you know is experiencing issues with a vehicle that is a potential lemon law case, don’t hesitate to call our experienced lemon law attorneys. Our law firm will be able to tell you if your vehicle can be a lemon car in under 5 minutes. You may be qualified to receive a refund or replacement vehicle.

The consultation is free, so it costs you nothing to see if you have a case or not.

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