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Common Maserati Problems

Common Masarati Problems

Maserati is an Italian luxury and premium car manufacturer that has transitioned and is now owned by FIAT Group after the company was sold in 1993. The current Maserati models include the Ghibli, Levante, Quattroporte, GranTurismo, and GT Convertible. Maserati has recently been in the spotlight for having issues with its vehicles sold. These issues can be traced back to how the vehicle was manufactured. Issues reported include problems with the transmission, engine, electrical, brakes, and fluid leaks. If these issues continue, owners can pursue a lemon law case against the manufacturer. Even though Maserati is top of the line, common Maserati problems may occur that need immediate attention.

Maserati Acceleration Recall

A recent manufacturing defect for Maserati was the unintended acceleration that ultimately led to recalling more than 28,000 vehicles produced by Maserati. The Italian manufacturer recalled all of its 2014-2016 Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans for the unintended acceleration problem that could lead to serious injury. Maserati has since equipped all new vehicles with a brake-override feature that stops acceleration if it detects multiple pushes of the pedals, the same feature that Toyota has since added to its lineup. The company was later fined $1.2 billion for failing to disclose the issue on time, as required by law. This issue was a huge safety concern and Maserati eventually took action to fix the vehicles. If you have a vehicle that you believe qualifies as a lemon, it’s best to take action before the issue affects the quality of the vehicle and the safety of passengers.

Maserati Lemon Law Compensation 

If you purchased a new or used Maserati that is defective and is still covered under the manufacturer warranty, then you may be able to pursue a lemon law case. If your car is not running properly or affecting your safety, then the lemon law can offer you protection and get your money back from the dealer. The Federal and state laws protect consumers from unsafe manufacturing and make the dealer responsible for repurchasing or replacing a defective vehicle after a “reasonable” number of attempts to repair the vehicle.

 You may be entitled to compensation depending on the details of your individual case and may be granted the following:

  • A new vehicle
  • Identical Replacement Vehicle
  • Repair Costs
  • Rental Car Reimbursement
  • Early-Termination Charges
  • Any Finance Charges
  • Collection Charges
  • Attorney’s Fees

Contact Our Lemon Law Attorneys for Your Common Maserati Problems

If you are having common Maserati problems or any other issues with your Maserati, our lemon law attorneys are here to resolve your issues. It is recommended to get help from a lemon law attorney if issues persist and the dealer is reluctant to fix the manufacturer issues.

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