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Common Land Rover Problems

Having Land Rover problems can mean that your Land Rover can be a lemon car. If you have a lemon car, the manufacturer must offer you either a lemon buyback or a replacement vehicle under the state lemon law (Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) and federal lemon law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act). Even the more popular Land Rover models such as the Defender, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover Velar can be sold as a lemon car.

Land Rover Discovery Air Suspension Problems

land rover discovery air suspension problem

Land Rover Discovery air suspension problems are causing inconvenience to consumers who own a Land Rover Discovery. Land Rover’s air suspension has been a standard feature on all Land Rover’s since the ’90s. It is meant to provide an option for a smoother ride as well as give more flexibility in the ground clearance level that allows drivers to traverse many different types of terrain. But it is often the source of many thorns in the side of Land Rover drivers and owners.

How Do Land Rover Airbags Work?

Land Rover uses airbags that sit in the four corners of the vehicle. These bags can be inflated or deflated to raise or lower the body of the car closer or further away from the ground. While this is a very handy mechanism for the car to be built with it is rife with issues that carry across every model. In addition, the repairs related to this can be very expensive and all components must remain in working order for the suspension system to function.

Air Suspension Sensors

In addition to the actual airbags, there are also sensors that relate to this function that often have issues. These issues can be triggered by heavy use in rough terrain or everyday driving and result in the vehicle being stuck at one level.

What Can Happen If The Air Suspension Fails?

An air suspension’s role is to keep the vehicle suspended enough off the ground and make sure that the airbag has enough air to inflate properly. If there’s something wrong with the air suspension or if the air suspension fails, it can negatively impact the vehicle. In case of a car crash, a failing air suspension can jeopardize the driver’s and the passenger’s chances of survival.

Is My Land Rover a Lemon?

Your Land Rover may be a lemon if you have attempted to resolve air suspension problems or any other issues in your Land Rover more than 3 times. In California, you likely have a lemon law claim if any of the following happened to you:

  • Your vehicle’s problem persists after 3 repair attempts
  • The dealer is refusing to fix the problem or honor the warranty
  • Your vehicle has been in the shop for repairs for more than 30 days cumulatively
  • The dealer is telling you that your vehicle’s problem is not covered under the warranty

It is recommended to get help from a lemon law attorney because some lemon cases are time-sensitive and may no longer be valid once too much time passes.

Lemon Law Attorney For Your Land Rover Problems

If you are having Land Rover problems or any other issues with your Land Rover, contact our lemon law firm. Our experienced lemon law attorneys can help if your vehicle is consistently experiencing problems. Contact our law firm today to discuss your potential lemon law case.

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