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Common Infiniti Issues

common issues with infiniti

Lemon Law for Infiniti

Infiniti has been a popular automaker since 1989 and it is the same company that also manufactures Nissan vehicles. They are currently sold through authorized dealers in over 50 countries. In addition to being a luxury brand, they are also forward-thinking and eco-friendly, with a commitment to make only electric or hybrid vehicles by the year 2021. But like all the other luxury automakers out there – issues with Infiniti exist.

Steering Rack Leakage

Among Infiniti vehicles, we commonly see issues with steering rack leakage. This is a costly issue, almost always costing drivers $2000 to fix. You can see why, after paying that sum, drivers would be very frustrated if the vehicle still did not safely run. Several repair attempts on this particular issue would enable you to make a lemon claim against Infiniti.

Remedies for Steering Rack Leakage

When you are experiencing an issue with your steering rack mechanics will often recommend cleaning or replacing your air filters, changing the transmission fluid, changing the brake fluid, or even a cleanout of the entire fuel system. If none of those tactics offer a remedy to your steering rack, please reach out to us – our lemon law attorneys may be able to file a lemon claim on your behalf.

Transmission Failure on Infiniti Cars

Another common issue we see with Infiniti lemon cars is transmission failure. Issues with transmission are something to expect on a vehicle with many miles but it’s rare to see new or gently used vehicles with an issue like this. Because the transmission is vital – this issue if unresolved after several attempts is a perfect claim for a lemon.


Here are the signs and symptoms that your transmission needs work:

  • Your vehicle is not shifting properly, it may stick or feel difficult to do
  • If you notice your vehicle slipping between gears
  • You hear a grinding noise – your clutch may not be in proper alignment
  • You smell burning of any kind – your car may have overheated
  • You hear other noises like clunking, whining or screeching


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If Infiniti issues are causing you problems, call us today. We can quickly evaluate your claim and see if you have a valid lemon law case. It is best to pursue your claim in order to avoid passing the time limit on these lemon claims.

Our lemon law attorneys have helped many of our clients with their lemon issues and can help with your Infiniti problems. Call our law firm for a free case evaluation today!

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