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Common Ferrari Problems

Common Ferrari Problems

Ferrari is an Italian-Dutch car manufacturer that makes high-end luxury and sports vehicles. It is currently owned by the Ferrari N.V. after it was spun off as its own entity by the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group. Some of the top Ferrari models include Ferrari F1, F40, 458 Italia GT2, F50, 488 Spider, and La Ferrari F150. Ferrari may be one of the most luxurious sports vehicles in the world, but it’s not known for being flawless. Any car on the market today has the potential of becoming a lemon vehicle. Issues reported from owners include failing motor mounts, exhaust issues, transmission issues, and electrical issues. Some issues go beyond vehicle maintenance and are the result of defective manufacturing. If the dealer sells you a Ferrari with issues that cannot be repaired, you may have a lemon claim. Every case is different, so it’s best to talk to a lemon law lawyer about the type of case you are pursuing against the dealer. Even though Ferrari is top of the line, common Ferrari problems may occur that need immediate attention.

Lemon Law for Ferrari

When purchasing a vehicle, especially a high-value vehicle such as a Ferrari, you should know there is federal and state lemon law protection if the vehicle does not operate as it was promised. This could be either for the safety, value, or use of your Ferrari vehicle. California and other states have strong consumer protection laws that provide a safe haven if your vehicle starts showing issues related to manufacturing defects. To be eligible for the lemon law case, it’s important to attempt to have your vehicle repaired within the manufacturer’s warranty period. The only way to claim a vehicle a lemon is to follow the lemon law guidelines and you may be eligible if these things happened to you in the process:

  • Your Ferrari having a problem that cannot be repaired after 3 attempts 
  • Your dealer is refusing to fix the issue or honor the warranty
  • Your Ferrari has been in the shop for more than 30 days for the same issue
  •  Your dealer is telling you that the warranty does not cover your issue/problem

Lemon Law settlements can include a full refund, replacement of the Ferrari purchased, or a settlement for the damages. The Lemon Law also states that the manufacturer must cover any and all attorney’s fees and costs, which makes it easy for owners of the vehicle to pursue a lemon law case.

Contact Our Lemon Law Attorneys for Your Common Ferrari Problems

If you are having common Ferrari problems or any other issues with your Ferrari, our lemon law attorneys are here to resolve your issues. It is recommended to get help from a lemon law attorney as soon as possible if issues persist and the dealer is reluctant to help you. Our lemon law attorneys have helped many of our clients with their lemon issues and can help with your Ferrari vehicle. Call our law firm for a free case evaluation today at +1 (818) 254-8413.

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