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Common Bentley Problems

Common Bentley Problems

Lemon Law for Bentley

Bentley is one of the world’s most luxurious and premium cars. Bentley Motors, a famous British car manufacturer that sells luxury cars and SUVs has been owned by Volkswagen since 1998. Many may be unaware that the Volkswagen Group owns several car companies including Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bentley. The current Bentley models include the Continental GT, Bentayga, and the Flying Spur. Even though Bentley is widely considered to be a luxury vehicle with a reputation for excellence, Bentley’s sometimes display manufacturing defects that need attention.  Common complaints include suspension issues, power steering leaks, and electric window issues. While the Bentley brand is known for luxury and performance, it’s common to encounter lemon law issues and recalls on some of their vehicles.

Bentley Suspension Issues

A common complaint about the Bently is having suspension issues. Bentley uses an air suspension system that has caused an inconvenience for many owners and it’s not unheard of for a defect to persist.  Bently’s air suspension system is designed to have comfort on the road, however, the rubber that is used instead of coil springs corrode over time, which degrades and causes vehicle malfunctions. This air leaking will cause the Bentley to ride unevenly on the road, which can lead to more issues with the vehicle if not repaired early. In the case of a vehicle accident, a failing Bentley air suspension issue can be the difference between survival in some cases. 

Bentley Electric Window Problems

If you noticed your vehicle has a slight hissing sound when operating the window, it means you have an electric window motor issue. Bentley does not have a simple motor swap and is very complicated with the lifting system used in the Bently electric window. Just like any mechanical or electrical problem, this issue can wear or break your system entirely if not taken care of. You will need to take the vehicle to a certified Bentley dealership to be fixed and may cost nothing if you are under warranty. 

Contact Our Lemon Law Attorneys for Free Case Evaluation for Your Bentley Vehicle

Your Bentley may be a lemon if you have attempted to resolve your issues more than 3 times with the dealer. It is recommended to get help from a lemon law attorney if issues persist and the dealer is reluctant to fix the manufacturer issues.

If Bentley issues keep persisting and your dealer is not helping you with the vehicle, call us today. We can quickly evaluate your issue and see if you have a valid Bentley lemon law case. It is best to pursue your claim as soon as possible in order for your case to succeed. 

Our lemon law attorneys have helped many of our clients with their lemon issues and can help with your Bentley vehicle. Call our law firm for a free case evaluation today at +1 (818) 254-8413.

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