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Does the Lemon Law Apply to Certified Used Cars?

The lemon law may be known to many people as applying to new vehicles, but people ask themselves, “does the lemon law apply to certified used cars?” Generally speaking, the lemon law does apply to certified used cars, but there are other factors such as warranty that may affect the outcome of a lemon law case. These warranties may include manufacturer’s warranty and dealer’s warranty. If you purchased a certified used car and think you may have a lemon car, it is best to contact a lemon law lawyer to discuss your potential lemon law case. Can a Certified Pre-owned Car be...

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How To Know If A Car Is A Lemon

When a purchased car has the same problem multiple times is considered a lemon car. So how to know if a car is a lemon 100%?  After countless hours and paperwork, you finally got the car you wanted from the dealer, soon after taken off the lot you run into unforeseen issues with the vehicle. For example, your car starts to show signs of a transmission issue, you take it to the dealer to repair, they attempt to fix it, but you find that your car still has the same issue. If your dealer attempted to repair your car 3 or...

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Tesla Battery Problems – Qualification Under The Lemon Law

Tesla vehicles may be high-tech, but they are far from defect-free when it comes to having Tesla battery problems. This issue has become so severe, the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it is investigating Tesla for spontaneous battery fire issues and possible defects of the Tesla batteries of the Model S and Model X vehicles. Tesla battery problems have been a growing concern and have been addressed by Lemon Law Attorneys as a winning case. A lemon car is a vehicle, such as the Tesla Model S, that turns out to have many manufacturing issues that could...

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Lemon Lawyer in Los Angeles

lemon lawyer in Los Angeles

If you have a lemon car and want to fix the issue, call our lemon lawyer in Los Angeles. Our job is to help car buyers who have ended up purchasing a car without knowing it was a lemon. We have helped numerous clients who bought a lemon car and were able to get them a lemon buyback or a replacement car. It only takes 5 minutes on the phone with us to find out if you might have a lemon case. Call us at (818) 254-8413 today for a free case evaluation from lawyers that handle lemon law. When You Might...

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