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Tesla Problems

Tesla Unintended Acceleration

  Tesla has often touted itself as the safest car on the market and even received the highest possible safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. However, a new claim by Tesla owners looks to shatter that safety record with reports of Tesla unintended acceleration. Tesla Cars Accelerate on Their Own Owners are alleging a common occurrence deemed Unintended Acceleration - the basic premise being without any touch from a user their car quickly speeds to a high MPH rate and many times the vehicles crash. These claims have resulted in an investigation by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Tesla...

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Tesla Problems 2019 – You Should Know

tesla problems

There have been increasing numbers of Tesla problems in 2019 being reported that are raising concerns for Tesla owners. While Tesla reports that they have achieved the lowest probability of injury tested by NHTSA, new problems with Tesla cars, including problems with Tesla model 3, are being reported over time. If you are one of the Tesla owners who is experiencing Tesla problems, you may have a Tesla lemon car on your hands. If that’s the case, our experienced lemon law attorneys can help solve your Tesla lemon issues. Contact our attorneys to see if you have a lemon case on...

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